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Garden Pea Teepee Tutorial - The Magic of a Pea Teepee by Crafty Queen Mama

Homesteading isn't just about growing your own food-It's about cultivating a lifestyle that nourishes the body, mind, and soul. One way I am merging my gardening work with playtime for the kids is by setting up a pea teepee. This charming garden feature not only provides a delightful play area for the children but it also supports the growth of delicious peas. Here's how you can create a magical pea teepee that your kids will love.

The Magic of a Pea Teepee

Imagine a summer day when your children are playing joyfully in a cozy, green hideaway, surrounded by climbing pea plants, that also provide a healthy snack that seems to never end, there is the hum of the bees in the background and you are taking a moment of solitude to yourself as you watch over. The pea teepee is more than just a garden structure; it's a talking point for visitors young and old as it supports imagination, exploration, and learning about nature. Building one is a fantastic family project that combines gardening with play, offering endless fun and satisfaction of growing your own food.

Materials You'll Need

To get started gather the following materials:

  • 15-20 sturdy branches 6-8 feet tall. I used the stems from my sunflowers last year. They are very sturdy.

  • Twine or garden wire

  • Compost and garden soil

  • Pea seeds (choose a climbing variety)

  • Garden tools (shovel, wheelbarrow)

Building the Teepee

Step 1: Select the Perfect Spot

Choose a sunny location in your garden or in your yard, as peas thrive in full sunlight. Ensure the ground is level and has good drainage to prevent waterlogging.

Step 2: Prepare the Soil

If you are using a spot in your garden that already has great soil, use a hoe or shovel to work up the dirt and break it up. Build a small round trench that is about 6 inches deep. If you are going to be putting up your teepee in your yard you don't need to do this step continue to step 3.

Step 3: Arrange the Poles

Start by gathering up the tops of 3 poles together, and overlapping them slightly. This is the start of the form for the teepee. Add in one pole at a time spacing them about 4-5 inches apart until you have the desire size or you run out of poles. Remember to leave a space open for the doorway inside the teepee. I did this by holding the tops with one hand and adding the new poles with the other. The poles will be sitting in the trench in your garden or just on the ground in your yard. The closer your poles are together the better coverage you will get from your peas.

Step 4: Secure the Poles

While holding the tops of the poles together, secure them tightly with twine or garden wire. This will form the peak of your teepee. Don't tighten the string, you don't want to break your poles. If you can't secure all your poles with one tie use a second one. The goal is just to have all poles secure.

Step 5: Add compost or Garden Soil

Add 5 to 6 inches of dirt all around your poles on the inside and outside of your teepee. This is will be what secures the poles in the ground. This will also be the dirt you add your seeds in to grow, so be sure to use a good quality.

Step 6: Plant the Peas

Plant the seeds around the base of each pole, following the spacing instructions on the seed packet. I planted on the outside and inside of the teepee poles. Cover them with the required amount of soil.

Step 7: Water

Gently water the seeds you just planted being sure to give them a good drink. Water the seeds regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist until the peas germinate and there are sprouts. Sprouts should appear in 5 - 10 days but can sometimes take 14. Make sure to track this on a calendar to ensure they sprout. Resow if they don't.

Nurturing Your Pea Teepee

As your pea plants begin to grow, gently guide the tendrils towards the poles to encourage climbing. Regular water and occasional feeding with a balanced organic fertilizer will help your peas thrive.

Keep an eye out for pest, and remove any weeds that compete with your peas for nutrients.

Enjoying the Teepee

Once your peas have grown and the teepee is covered in green foliage, it becomes a magical hideaway for your kids. They can enjoy reading, playing or simply relaxing inside. Adding in some colorful pillows can make it even more inviting. Plus, they'll love harvesting the peas themselves- its a great way to get them excited about gardening and healthy eating.

Tips for Success

  • Encourage Pollinators: Plant some Sweet Pea flowers in the with your climbing peas. This will give your teepee a pop of color and attract bees and other pollinators, which will help your pea plants produce more pods.

  • Use Organic Methods: Stick to organic pest control methods to keep your garden sage and healthy

  • Rotate Your Crops: To keep your soil healthy, avoid planting peas in the same spot year after year. Rotate them with other crops like beans or leafy greens.

A Garden Full of Memories

Building a pea teepee is a wonderful way to blend gardening with play, creating cherished memories for your whole family. This simple structure provides endless opportunities for learning exploration, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. So gather your materials, involve your kids, and watch as your garden or yard transforms into a magical retreat.

Happy gardening!

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