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Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies in a jar, are a unique and yummy gift that is great for all occasions and ages. 


Each jar is filled with the highest quality ingredients and layered in just the perfect order that all the receiver has to do is add 3 simple ingredients ( butter, eggs and vanilla) before baking and enjoying these delicious homemade cookies in minutes. 


Each jar comes with simple-to-follow instructions and a mini whisk to whip up. 


Ingredients in the jar: 

- all-purpose flour

- cocoa powder

-baking powder

- brown sugar

- white sugar

- baking soda

- salt

- semi-sweet chocolate chips 


The jar should make around 24 cookies but the quantity will vary depending on the size of cookies made. 

  • Care

    The jar should be stored in a cupboard out of direct sunlight until ready to be used. 

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